Saturday, February 19, 2011

DIY Betsey Johnson Inspired Earrings

I'm a huge fan of Betsey Johnson! Who isn't!? Unfortunately, her designs are a little out of my budget! I must have been a good girl  last year because Santa was kind enough to get me some BJ earrings that I had asked for for Christmas! They are extra special because whenever I put them on, I think of my darling husband.
I love them! Thanks again Gabe! I mean Santa!

Today, I thought I would throw together a pair of my own Betsey Johnson inspired earrings that cost a WHOLE lot less than what they actually sell for.

I purchased my materials from SAS fabric store, minus the earrings and pliers.

I attached two small strands of the gold chain to the black hoop earring and then connected the black bow to the other end of the chain on both sides of the bow.

WAA-LAA!!! See how they sparkle!

The finished product. I really enjoyed making these. It seriously took me about 5 minutes and less than 5 bucks to make.

Hope I inspired you to get crafty! Thanks for reading!



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