Tuesday, February 1, 2011

30 inch waist and...

PROUD!!!!! That's right. I have a 28"-30" waist! Ok, ok, 28" is pushing it, but hey, that's not bad at all! Here's my point, I'm not what you would call thin. All my life I have been obsessing over my weight and what I eat. It consumed me. I have struggled to lose weight because I thought that I was "fat". My insecurity about my body annoyed the crap out of my husband. I don't know why it took 24 years of my life to realize that hey, I'm proud of what I got! Yes, I have stretch marks from my pregnancy, scars on my belly from gallbladder surgery, loose abdominals, and slightly saggy boobs. You know what, I LOVE MY BODY!

Ladies, cherish what you have. Your body is the only body that you're going to have. If you think you could stand to shed some weight, then do it! It's a waste of energy obsessing about how overweight you think you are. You'll not only bring other people down in doing so, but you'll bring down yourself. You are what's most important. You are your best support system!

My mother in law gave me the best advice.... you are not what the problem is, it's the clothes! SO TRUE! Trust me, I know what it's like to feel helpless in a fitting room. DON'T GIVE UP! Shopping for the right clothes does require patience! If you experiment, I guarantee you'll be satisfied.

I hope that I have provided positive inspiration for you all. Be happy with yourself and your body and most of all, be confident!


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  1. You are beautiful and every girl should have a little meat on her bones. Men enjoy curves! :)